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Truckload Services

International Truckload ServicesXAN Systems moves full truckload freight, dry or temperature controlled, from Ontario to the most places in North America. But MidWest is our preferable direction.
These are “backhaul lanes” for XAN Sywstems and are therefore priced very competitively. Our niche in the full truckload market is for those clients moving freight from/to Ontario, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin, Missouri and Kansas, Nebraska and Minesota, California, Oregon, Washington, Texas.

Several other services that set XAN Systems apart are:

– 24 Hour Dispatch

– We track your freight 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and give you daily updates on the status and location of your freight.

– If you have an urgent or rush shipment that needs to be delivered we can provide you with Expedite services, whereby we will pick up your shipment immediately and drive straight through for delivery without stopping until your cargo arrives on time, while still being in compliance with the standards of DOT and The Ministry of Transportation.

– Distinctive border clearance procedure provides non-fail truck border crossing with all loads requiring FDA, USDA, CFIA etc.

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