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Resources for Owner Operators

Highlights and Rates for Owner Operators and Drivers at Xan Systems.

You can find current rates, conditions and requirements in our Company.


  1. Elogs regulations  – official FMCSA article
  2. Elog excemptions – for those lucky ones who is exempt.


The popular phrase – knowledge is power – rings true right now for many owner-operators who are struggling to make ends meet.
The USDA publishes a weekly “Fruit and Vegetable Truck Rate Report “, which is available on its website and updated every
Wednesday, but few produce truckers are actually aware that the report exists.

Truck Repairs/Road Service

  1. TruckDown.com – great  place to find repair or just call our dispatch.

10 Tips to become an Owner Operator

very nice article explaining ins and outs of this career.