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Refrigerated and Heated Transportation

REFRIGERATED & HEATED TRANSPORT SERVICESXAN Systems is North America’s leading competitor in cross-border Reefer Truck service. We Provide LTL reefer service and full truckload refrigerated truck service. With our fleet of new Thermo King reefer trailers, we can handle your frozen truckloads as well as maintain your produce at a fresh temperature.

High Level of Professionalism

In order to ship perishables successfully across North America having the right equipment is only part of the equation. When working with our staff you will notice a big difference in the level of professionalism and customer service.

While your reefer shipments are in transit, we monitor the temperature levels every step of the way. Our reefers are inspected every month and are guaranteed to provide excellent service in today’s market.

Refrigerated and heated transportation solutions for all types of goods

Commodities requiring refrigerated truck service or heated truck service can be anything from fresh food and produce to adhesives and pharmaceuticals, each with their own refrigerated shipping characteristics.

All of our trailers are equipped with state of the art electronic temperature monitoring systems that provide our transportation professionals the information they need to ensure the integrity of our Reefer truck service, both for LTL transportation and Full Truckloads.  Our reefer trucking services and your unique over the road trucking service needs will be met 100% of the time.

For a free quote and detailed information please contact us via email or call at 647-933-2765.