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Easy Lease for Owner-Operators

xan systems trucks in Ontario, CanadaDo you want to become a truck owner-operator but have a hard time coming up with the fund you need to buy in?

Trucks are not cheap. We at XAN Systems solved this problem for you.

Our Easy Lease program, unique for XAN Systems, makes it easier for you to get a truck and join our rapidly growing truck fleet. Many companies will offer you truck leasing contracts but ours is not only the best you can find but is practically risk-free, too.

Our Easy Lease Special Terms for AZ Owner Operators:

  • You get the truck for a five-year leasing period with a mere 5,000$ down payment (which we sometimes decide to waive altogether).
  • The total sum of the lease is 45 thousand, payable in affordable one thousand dollar monthly installments that steadily get reduced to 250$ toward the end of the leasing period.

Let’s compare this to the usual way companies will lease their truck to an owner-operator.

A typical truck is worth about 160,000$. With the common leasing agreement you can get from most companies, by the end of the five year period – the truck will have cost you up to 200,000$. And the down payment will be 20,000$.

We at XAN Systems believe that honest, working men should have easier time leasing a truck for work than buying a house, which it sure resembles with 20K down payment and 200K for 160K worth of the vehicle.

truckload servicesWith us – you get a new truck for a quarter of this cost, and if that’s not enough – all service expenses are on us, too. And the best part is that your credit history is completely irrelevant to obtaining the truck this way. All we are interested in is that you want the work.

We don’t want to be like many companies out there that will put you under impossible debt. We don’t earn our money by selling trucks. We earn an honest living by providing freight services, and we believe that you have a right to make an honest living, too.

That’s why we prepared a leasing program that gets you the truck for an affordable price with a convenient payment system.

Our fleet consists of a 100% independent owner-operators. You get the truck and we get a dependable partner that will focus on the job ahead and not on his debts and payments. Our clients, in turn, will enjoy an efficient and seamless delivery service. It’s a Win-Win situation all around.

Our Easy Lease program offers the amazing Pro Star Plus, manufactured by International. They are fast, efficient and easy to operate. The cabin is comfortable and soundproof, which is perfect for long hauls. There are many more benefits for owner-operators who work with us. They can be summarized by this – we take care of our own.


Join XAN Systems with our Easy Lease program and get behind the wheel of your very own, brand new truck Today.