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az owner operators wanted in Ontario


1. Run with the best

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3. Why should you choose XAN Systems?

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 Are you an AZ Owner-Operator? Run with the best

XAN Systems is always looking for dependable az owner-operators and company drivers who are interested in building successful careers. We need your skills and your equipment to move our freight. If you are looking to take a turn for the better, you’ve come to the right place.

With the best safety and compliance record and the lowest claim and occurrence rate in the industry, we are proud to offer our owner operators consistent freight and a wide variety of commodities to haul.  In addition, XAN Systems promotes a supportive family-oriented atmosphere, generous and convenient home time.

As an AZ owner-operator, you own your own business- now it is time to own the road. XAN Systems offers the opportunities and supportive atmosphere needed to secure all of the benefits that you deserve.

XAN Systems offers these contract highlights for AZ Owner Operators:

  • up to 90 % of gross revenue or $1.75 per mile – for Owner Operators
  • up to $0.70 – for Company drivers
  • $1200 – safety bonus
  • $500 – sign in bonus
  • Paid promptly after every 15 days
  • Paid plates, insurance
  • Paid extra P/U and Deliveries
  • No hold back
  • Cash advance

Why should an owner-operator choose XAN Systems?

XAN Systems is a well established business and your reliable partner. Our contractors drive our success. We value their skill and hard work so we treat them right, with:

  • No forced dispatch and no up-front sign-on fees
  • First in/ first choice
  • Open door policy
  • Valuable safety, revenue and years-of-service credits
  • Prompt settlements
  • XAN Systems coordinator to help with planning and other needs
  • Fuel tax filed by XAN Systems.

Choose Your Own Road

XAN System’s freight is consistent. Our excellent performance and reputation helps us create a large customer base, which allows us to keep trucks moving. XAN System offers owner-operators and drivers a variety of commodities to haul.

While we have a consistent volume of freight on our preferable lines our freight movement is not concentrated in a few directions but moves to all destinations in North America.

With many choices available and no forced dispatch, owner-operators have the ability to directly control their profitability with ample opportunities to get to or through “the house.”

Work Directly With One Coordinator

This allows ample time to address each owner-operator’s or driver’s needs and to coordinate their movement through the XAN Systems system in a safe, efficient and profitable manner. Freight is offered on a first-in/first choice basis, and there is no forced dispatch. Each owner-operator has his own schedule for next 15-20 days based on owner-operator preferences.

Prompt Settlement From A Stable Company

Since XAN systems’ founding in 2003, it has been the company’s goal to have the fastest truck pay in the industry. XAN Systems has earned the reputation for paying owner-operators and drivers promptly. Financial stability is demonstrated by XAN System’s continued growth – all without outside acquisitions.

Our Door Is Always Open for AZ owner-operators

XAN Systems’s open door policy means there are no barriers or restrictions between the drivers and the XAN Systems’s staff. XAN Systems does not operate a “behind closed doors” business.

All drivers are welcomed and encouraged to make themselves at home at our Newmarket, Ontario, Canada headquarters and deal directly with their coordinator. The personal attention and open atmosphere are key to the success of the contractors and the company.

Minimum Requirements for AZ Owner-Operators and AZ Drivers

  • 25 Years Old. Under certain circumstances, 23 or 24-year-olds may be accepted.
  • Three years of recent verifiable experience in cross-border trucking.
  • Good driving record with respect to accidents and traffic violations.
  • No felony convictions in the last 10 years.
  • Experience in proper preparation of Driver’s Daily Log.
  • FAST card
  • Ability to speak and read English.

North-America Fleet Minimum Requirements

  • Clean, neat diesel tandem that must be able to scale 45,000 lbs. Tractors and reefer units must be a 2007 model or newer.
  • Trailers need to be at least 53’/ Air Ride dry vans or 53’ Air Ride Reefers.
  • Must have annual inspection certificate and be able to pass a thorough MTO-type inspection.
  • Cell Phone.

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